Sculpture by Michael


Mi Amore

Male Sexual Sculpture by Michael

My fascination with the forms of male lurking in stone began with a career in construction management. The imported marbles and granites from Italy used in both the building and décor of casinos led me to experiment with the discarded pieces. I began to study sculpture techniques at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Pietrasanta, Italy; Marble, Colorado and Vancouver Island, B.C.

The quest for beautiful stone led to carving with sugary white Carrara marble, pink quartz from Utah, lush blue granite from China, orange-yellow quartz from Mexico and exotic lavender and green stone from Alaska. I have learned that my concept for the piece might not be what the stone chooses to be….and only by working together will a work of art emerge.

I have worked with traditional hand tools provided by the artigiani of Italy as well as modern diamond blades and discs, as each has a place in the process. I also enjoy adapting tools and techniques used in construction for the creation of visual art.

The adventure of combining raw stone, an idea and hard work is never-ending. Every stone is a new beginning and a new possibility of the creation of a body .



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