Sculpture by Michael


Michael Smith

This page is about me and what I do.

I want to show all the facets of a sculptor at work, from choosing stone to fit a design, to the final polishing and finishing needed before it is placed on a base and ready to meet the public. In between those steps there can be heartbreak (of a stone breaking unexpectedly) or triumph, when it all goes according to plan.

"besides creating art, I appreciate the efforts of other artists and find shows, museums and galleries wherever I travel. Our home is filled with work by artists with whom we have a personal relationship: photographers, painters, potters, sculptors."

The "works in progress" project has been 10 years in the making & only the stone portion of the planned piece is complete. In 1999 it sat waiting for me to finish construction projects; in 2002 it was wrestled into place for carving and received the first shaping; then I went off to China for 3 years. So it was 2007 before I picked up the tools again and started working in earnest. In 2008 it was put on hold again as another construction project hauled me to Las Vegas.

One small chip bounced off my chisel and shattered the glass in a patio door (my wife added that to my deficit column) and the area was littered with shards, chips, and dust enough to leave me looking like a snow creature.

A combination of hand tools, diamond blades and hand polishing blocks were needed to bring out the shape and color of this dolphin.

I am happy with the result: now Big Blue stands ready for the bronze work which is planned. I will be modeling in clay, making the molds and finding a foundry. This project is definitely a Five Year Plan.




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